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Four plus one makes five

Denial ends with this.

For the past year in 2016, hubby and I have thought about a third baby. He felt the family would be complete once we have our third.

Meanwhile, although I said never say never, at the end of last year, I was pretty much decided that I was finally done with having babies: I had my gorgeous first born boy with the kindest heart, and my lovely little girl with curls who is fierce and funny.

Our family felt pretty complete to me. A third baby would have been an additional bonus I was happy to leave up to fate and chance.

Early this year, I had an amazing new lease on life where the beginning of 2017 brought on a surge of energy, inspiration and motivation that I hadn’t felt this strong in a long time.

I had discovered watercolour portrait painting and really got into it. I even started a personal project to help learn and improve painting techniques – paint 40 portraits of friends – and I was on a roll and up to my fourth one by the end of January.

My daughter was turning four years old and we were anticipating she would start full days at school by the middle of the year. So I was waiting with baited breath on when I could finally have 8:30am-3pm all to myself again. That’s six-and-a-half hours child free!

I had even looked into going back to the world of publishing and getting a job as a writer, sub-editor or editor, because I have missed it a lot after leaving my last job as editor in 2010.

Life was looking up and I felt like I could take on anything it threw at me. “Show me what you’ve got!” I said to the universe, with no fear, and perhaps way too much arrogance.

Well, it threw me a baby – the last thing I was mentally, emotionally and even financially ready for!

On 8 February, I confirmed it with the test pictured … in the parents bathroom in Bondi Junction shopping centre with hubby and my little girl looking on haha.

2017 suddenly looked to be very interesting in that moment … and one we never expected. It took a lot of soul searching to sift through all the mixed emotions I had and get to the emotional and mental headspace I have now.

Today I am almost at the halfway mark of 19 weeks plus 5. It was nerve wracking waiting for all the tests but everything has come up roses and our baby boy is looking very healthy.

And this third surprise has given me the opportunity to finally start writing a blog focused on pregnancy and family life – something I meant to do with both pregnancies before.

If you have had a third child, please share your experiences. I would love know!


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