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Truth: I hate taking my kids to the park

If there’s one thing I need to do as a parent of young, energetic children, it’s to take them to the park for outdoor play several times a week…

… but I just find it so booooring!

It makes me feel like a terrible parent but I just have to be honest with myself. No point lying about.

Hubby doesn’t mind it so much, but I just do it out of necessity.

I don’t hate it all the time though.

When my children were just learning to walk, I loved watching them in the park as they discovered all the new things they could do like climbing, swinging and sliding.

But once they started toddling off confidently, I started finding it tedious. Having to follow them everywhere, making sure they didn’t slip or fall or bump their head … yes, I was keeping them safe, but it’s also boring.

As much as I’m a loving devoted mother now, I still have many hobbies and interests from before I had kids that I still love to do; writing, baking, knitting, cooking elaborate meals, painting, or just veging out watching movies. Frankly, I’d rather be doing those than following a toddler around the park.

Now that my kids are older and I don’t have to be vigilant beyond making sure they stay in the park,  I can at least relax, sit on a bench and just watch them from a distance, which is not so bad.

And the joy on their faces when they are playing in the park makes the small sacrifice I make worthwhile.




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