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The decluttering continues…

So I never got everything at home done in June – and July was a complete write off with relatives visiting from overseas and six birthdays in our extended family to celebrate, including mine. But I am going to soldier on until it is done.

At 31 weeks, I don’t really have a lot of time left. This baby could come as early as 35 weeks if I’m going to be like my sister. So that’s my new deadline, the end of August.

Since our relatives left over a week ago, I finally managed to get through the mountains of laundry that accumulated during my first trimester. I did at least 15 loads of dirty laundry last week! That’s washing, drying, folding and putting away. Just writing that is exhausting!

I’ve also managed to go through the kids’ playroom and got rid of some toys. I can definitely go through it one more time to thin it down some more.

The big chaos in our home right now is the kitchen renovation. At the moment, everything that was in our kitchen cupboards has been moved into the dining area while the new cabinetry is installed. The builders said it would only take five days… but it’s been five days since they gutted the kitchen on Saturday and we’re still waiting on the builders to come back and install the kitchen. Apparently they’ve been building the cabinetry offsite.

The chaos has been good though. It forced us to empty out the kitchen cupboards and declutter it. Once the kitchen is done, it would be a big part of our home that is organised. And just in time for the baby too.

I can’t wait to start baking again in the new kitchen. The downside of not having had one was that I couldn’t bake a birthday cake for my son last Sunday. He spent his ninth birthday sick in bed and stuck at home, the poor thing. We definitely plan on making up for it this weekend!

And on another note, I can’t believe I have a nine-year-old child!

The teen years are looming. With his little brother on the way, I feel more compelled to spend more one-on-one time with him now more than ever. I think it’s time to reinstitute Mummy-Son outings.






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